Perfect Posture

Wrestling impossible ideals. With pop music.


Perfect Posture is the songwriting project of producer/multi-instrumentalist Patrick Budde.

Chilled out low-fi pop for cozy days. Simple but addictive

-Little Dose of Indie

Perfect Posture’s debut EP, WINDOW, features songs spanning 4 years of writing, scrapping, and revising. On WINDOW, simple melodies, textured keyboards, and hypnotic drum machines provide a bed for Patrick’s intimate reflections on the relationship between self-introspection and communal responsibility; between lofty ideals and an oft-unsatisfying reality.
Blending direct, conversational lyricism of pop balladeers Jens Lekman & Arthur Russell with the seductive atmospheres of dream-pop pioneers Broadcast & Beach House, WINDOW invites listeners in while simultaneously guiding them away to a lush world of its author’s creation.
This sonic world provides a consistent backdrop for a 15-minute journey that can be seen as a path towards maturity. Frustrated romantic reveries ("Red Onion," "Brain Dead") give way to patient portrayals of underlying depression ("Trippin,'" "Window") leading to a cathartic resignation to one’s limitations in the album’s closer ("Older"). WINDOW embraces each experience as a necessary step in the author’s journey, retaining hope that a brighter future may be waiting on the other side.
WINDOW was recorded, performed, and produced entirely by Budde in his Chicago home. To bring the project to the finish line, Budde traveled to Boston to work with Grammy-Nominated mastering engineer, Jeff Lipton [Andrew Bird, Magnetic Fields, LCD Soundsystem.]