Nire Nah

Singer-songwriter and visual artist, Chicago.


Nire identifies as a singer-songwriter, but she was born multidisciplinary and she’ll die multidisciplinary.

Trained in visual art and vocal technique, she uses her creativity to detangle cerebral knots and explore the curious landscape of human emotion.

Nire Nah is back with another lovingly-rendered LP, her follow-up to 2018's Coeur Age [PR-05]
The album, Everything Stands Back Up, shares some qualities with her earlier release. Both albums have 12 tracks, and each record keeps a tight thematic palette, stemming from significant periods in Nire's personal journey. Whereas Coeur Age captured a fiery struggle with substances and survival [in her own words, "A life-or-death battle between Yes and No"], Everything Stands Back Up is a gentle-yet-grandiose treatise on sobriety, self-care, and the power of community.
With Everything Stands Back Up, Nire's musical community has expanded, adding Caitlin Joy Shantz [Violin] and John Francis Klingle [Bass] and album-producer Patrick Budde [Drums/Keys] to her performing ensemble. Grounded by this new backing band, the new record sounds more solid and cohesive than anything Nire has created to date. Everything Stands Back Up is far from simple, however. The majority of the songs on the record went through an extensive overdub process, pushing each tune into a detailed and defined section of ESBU's larger sonic tapestry.

Everything Stands Back Up comes out 2/28 on all digital streaming platforms.